Welcome to Transgender Equality Network!

Who we are

We are an Organization based in Fayetteville AR dedicated to improving education and resources for the transgender population of Northwest Arkansas.

We believe that education is the foundation upon which all efforts to improve the lives of transgender people rests. By expanding the knowledge of the general populace in addition to our business and spiritual community leaders, we enable our community to access the basic necessities we all need to live happy, comfortable, and fulfilling lives.

Our organization does not limit itself to the NWA Transgender Community. We partner with organizations both locally and in other regions to share our experiences and offer aid in providing stability for our respective communities.

What we do

  • Provide educational outreach to businesses, religious organizations, and government entities.
  • Assisting community members with name changes.
  • Locating and verifying the quality of transgender-related resources.
  • Partnering with other organizations to establish new services inside and out of NWA.