Local Transgender Resource Locator


We are proud to announce LocallyTrans.com, a powerful new website for the transgender community.

LocallyTrans is a free, nationwide online resource catalog of healthcare providers and trans-friendly services. Through community collaboration, they are building positive experiences between service providers and local communities.

We are enthused that LocallyTrans community members can rate and comment on resources, creating an open dialog where local communities can assist and learn from each other.

Find local trans-friendly resources…

Fayetteville’s New Civil Rights Ordinance Up For Election

Fayetteville’s New Uniform Civil Rights Protection Ordinance is up for special election on September 8th!!!

The campaign will kick off shortly and the #ForFayetteville team is looking for volunteers to help get the word out.

Check out the links below to help us bring Uniform Civil Rights Protections to Fayetteville.

Looking for information?  Visit ForFayetteville.com or check them out on Facebook or Twitter.

Fayetteville City Council to Discuss New Civil Rights Ordinance

Tuesday June 16, 5:30pm, the Fayetteville City Council will be meeting with a new draft of the repealed Civil Rights Ordinance on the agenda. This is another chance for our city to gain the protections we need for our LGBTQ residents.

Such things are not gained without a fight however and we need everyone to roll up their sleeves to help, either by speaking at the ordinance reading, by volunteering with the For Fayetteville campaign, or by donating funds to the effort.

Representatives of the Transgender Equality Network will be speaking at the meeting and will be on hand to help coordinate the efforts of our trans* community to make our voices heard!