Washington County, AR Name Change


  • Driver’s License/State ID
  • Paperwork (download pdf)
  • $165.00 (exact cash)
  • $5 (per official notarized copy, exact cash)
  • Smile (always helps)


  1. Download and complete (or write your own) paperwork to petition to the court to change your name.
    • Paperwork must be printed single sided.  They will not take the paperwork if they are double sided.
  2. Call in advance to determine all that you may need, just in case
  3. Go to the Fayetteville County Courthouse on Dickson St. and College Ave.
    • You will have to go through security, including metal detectors.
  4. See the County Clerk who will process your name change.  County Clerk will:
    • Collect your Paperwork
    • Take your $165.00 (will not take check or debit/credit cards, will not supply change)
    • Notarize Verification Form
    • Assign and direct you to a Judge
  5. Go see the Judge
    • You may or may not have to see the Judge in person, sometimes you only have to see the Judge’s Secretary
    • You should get a signature on the Court Order for Name Change
  6. Return to the County Clerk, who will then:
    • File and print off as many official copies of your name change as you wish
    • $5.00 per copy, cash, exact change
  7. Congratulations, at this time, your new name is official
    • It may take up to 12 weeks for your new name to be updated in Vital Statistics
  8. Next stop Social Security Office